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Sorry for the recent restarts, but I had to configure a new feature.

Since the last days I got a lot and lots of spammessages. Like “Contact for cheap but high quality Jabber/XMPP Spam”.

I tried to write to the serverowners of these Domains and make them have a look on what’s going on on their servers, but I never received any answere.

That’s why I added a new plugin to the server. It’s a bit more than just a plugin. I upgraded to the newest prosody version (that’s the serversoftware I use for the jabber/xmpp server) and activated the blocklist module – with some extension.

Now you are able to block users on your account. Means if you are bugged by someone you con block it by the server, and don’t have to do this on every single client you use. And I also can block whole domains from connecting to my server (additional to the non-SSL encrypted servers).

AND I will maintain a new list. A list with blocked domains, and the reasons why they are blocked.


–> blocklist


stay tuned ~ a.i. starts the fourth year of service now. And due this, we got a new SSL Certificate.

IF you get any errors, compare the Fingerprints. The official SSL certificate has these Fingerprints:








The certificates are verified by Geotrust StartCom Ltd. and valid ’til May 2016.


This certificate is valid on the XMPP Server, and the homepage.

The list of good and stable Jabber-Clients is finished. If you don’t know which one to choose, or which one’s a good one, maybe this helps you a bit.  You can find the list if you hover your mouse over “How to chat” – second line.

Candy got finetuned and should now also run on IE (rumors say down to version 7, but I really really hope you are not using Windows XP anymore).

Jappix got it’s latest updates and a short maintainance. – But I still can’t figure out why Jappix needs AGES to send a Message to the chatrooms.


Happy Chatting!


Oh, by the way: Teamspeak 3 Server is up, and maybe I will add a mumble server.

I worked a bit more on the different chatsystems.

First of all: Jappix is available again. But it has no priority if it comes to errors.

Candy now connects to both rooms. “chat” and “bedroom” are now available.

Fixed some errors that images were not shown on this page.

I had to get rid of some old encryption algorythms. RC4 is now disabled, which brings me back the “A” rating on SSLlabs.


Changed the look and feel of the IAF homepage. There are no longer two different menus. You can find Jappix, candy and all tutorials in the menu above.

Due numerous errors, bugs and instability, the chatsystem was changed.

I am sorry if you got used to Jappix, but lately I had too much trouble maintaining it.

People couldn’t connect, messages couldn’t be sent or got recieved by the Server…

I switched the chat to “candy” – Its a way simpler system, but it’s also easier to use and less buggy.

Look to the right. There is a nice menu leading you to the chat, the webmailer and to the account creation.

I hope you like it.

Sorry for the recent restarts.

I upgraded the Serverconfiguration to fit the latest security and encryption guidelines.

Sadly I had to cut off SSLv3 due the “poodle” Problem.

Here is the latest SSL check for the Homepage:

and here the latest Security Check on

Hello and good day,

Is a furry is moving to a new Host. And changes the Hoster in the same time. We are moving from 1and1 to a Bigger hoster with more possibillities and a better server. (Also a bigger bandwith and a better ddos protection).

The change will take place from  10th to 12th of October 2014.


This means on 10th of october, I will disable the feature for new registrations and move the domain to the new System. You still can use your account.

If you registrate between october 10th and 12th and you get an error message: Its mostly because of the move.

After 12th of october, everything should work just perfect.




Do you want to start your own little website? Maybe a furry blog or a forum?

If you want, you can use the “” domain for this. Like “” or “”. You don’t know how? You have no Idea how to set up a webpage?

You can write me an eMail and ask me for help.

 BUT(!) there are some rules!

– To help you, I need to know WHAT you want to do. A short “about me” homepage, an Art Gallery, a forum, a community site? I need Informations.

– You need to stay legal!

– I don’t host yiff sites! (Art Galleries are ok, but no yiff dating sites or stuff like that)

 What about the costs?

It’s free. But keep one thing in mind: is a private project. Means I put my own money into this. And my time is limited. It can happen that a request takes some time. – But I am answering!


Today I had a review over all config Files on my webserver and I definitely needed some updates.

I created the SSL and TLS Configuration files for the webserver years ago. Ok, not years.. maybe two or three years ago. And since then, I just copied the configuration line and used it for setting up my stuff.

Today I made a SSL Test and I was shocked. I just got a “B”! – This can’t be. Then I had a look why. I didn’t used the new encryption Protocoll TLS Version 1.2 and I still allowed an very old and outdated one.

Time to rewrite my configuration. Sadly I still use an older version of my webserver – I still get updated and security fixes, but I can’t activate Forward Secrecy – yet. But the Problem is, if I update to the newer version, I have to rewrite all 26 configuration sites for my domains and for the webserver. And the new version is not stable… So I have to wait a bit longer.

Long things short:

I got my A Grade back. It’s just an A- but it is “as safe as it can be” at the moment.

SSL test homepage, webmailer and webclient for the chat


SSL test jabber/messaging in general

A and A- I think thats good for now.





Found the pictures in one of my backups.
Page is completely restored and up and running again.

For those which don’t know: runs an encrypted Teamspeak³ Server and a Mumble Server is planned.

At the moment I have to get things running here in europe again. So Please be patient.