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  1. Thank you for your cooperation! It was a pleasure working with your services!
    While we are sad about your decision to abandon XMPP, we understand your concerns.
    Unfortunately we don’t see a future of the technologies like mastodon or matrix either, and we would rather switch back to communication via echomail.


    • Sadly, most people use proprietary messengers like Whatsapp, Telegram, kik or others. No one can guarantee these messengers are safe and without a backdoor, but comfort is higher priorized than privacy and security…
      The only solution for me here would be to weaken my own security on my xmpp server to stay compartible with all the outdated “fire and forget” servers (which will not happen), or accept that there are dozends, if not hundreds of servers which will not be compartible, causing confusion why ‘it’s not working’.
      XMPP is a cool standard which is able to do a lot of things. (Just have a look at jitsi here). But the lack of ‘good’ and well maintained XMPP Servers brought XMPP as decentralized messaging protocol to the edge of ‘extinction’.

      • >Sadly, most people use proprietary messengers like Whatsapp, Telegram, kik or others

        I don’t really see anything sad about it, the value of human communication is not a simple thing. The most popular method of communication (verbal) is insecure either, yet still most people would prefer suffering horribly, rather than keeping their mouths shut for a week or two.
        The only possible scenario when over-complicated, yet secure human-to-human communication protocols will be mainstream, is when every single less secure method of communication would be MITMed beyond being practically useful.

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