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  1. I appreciate that you continue doing this. 1 and 1 is terrible. Glad you got away from them. the way I know them is from the many attacks I’ve had from them in the past – from so many different IP addresses they own.

    As you doing this on a VPS? I got a handfull of them for my IndyRadio project. They’re not all created equal, so I carry a spare. One of my most reliable has been in Lithuania – the downtempo stream plays some of my recent favorites. Hope you enjoy…


    • It’s not the fault of 1&1 that you have so many attacks. 1and1 provides VPS for everone. And many of them are people which are getting a VPS for hosting an own homepage/teamspeak/gameserver and hae no Idea from administrating a dedicated server. Even “competent people” are sometimes not able to do this. I had an attack on my server from an 1and1 VPS a few weeks ago. After I looked up what server that is, I stumbled over an IT-Consulting Company in Stuttgart. They ran an outdated VPS with a very old Plesk Interface which got hacked and was used for brute-forcing attacks against ftp servers.
      I am not doing my stuff on a VPS. I have a VPS for backing up some services, but the main Stuff runs on a dedicated root. I’m just annoyed by always having to deal with if someone uses more ressources and my pages are constantly getting slower and it takes forever for my stuff to load.
      I am hosting a radio by myself, and I realized some VPS have connection limits. Means if you have a certain ammount of listeners, the VPS struggles and disconnects some users. I use a dedicated for the homepages and a small Kimsufi server for the stream. Kimsufi Servers are small Intel Atom Servers with no raid and so on. But they are good for providing MP3/OGG Streams. https://kimsufi.com

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