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  1. Hi there

    I’m trying to implement “openHAB”, which is a home automation system. It can use XMPP to notify me if something urgent has happened, like I’ve been burgled, my house is on fire or my dog has invited all his dodgy mates round for a party and they’re trashing the place.

    I’ve added two new is-a-furry.org accounts, one for me and one for my HA system, which I’ve called Nichola, as I like to think of my house having a personality…

    Any help or suggestions would be vey welcome!

    Sorry to hear about your homepage. I had a website a few years ago that got hacked and it was a horrendous amount of work to stop it happening again, so my sympathy is with you. Thankfully, I don’t do that anymore. Stress free life for me!


    • The Is-a-furry.org Server dows not accept unencrypted connection attempts.
      You can try use “im.it-native.de” – this host accepts unencrypted connections (at least Client to server, Server to server is encrypted)

    • Why is it so “bad” for you becoming a furry? IF you are concerned about the pron addicted weirdos, don’t contact them :3 – You are who you are. And parents shoudl support their kids no matter what.

    • Hey Dragori!

      It’s so easy to come out and tell your parents, all you have to do is write them a note explaining why you wanna be a furry and how it makes you feel! also put a picture of your fursona on the note, hope this helps :3

      lots of fuzzy lovin, Doe Deathlight <3 ^_^

  2. Hi, I’m sorry as this is the inappropriate place to ask this question,

    but I’ve lost my password for my is-a-furry account which I used for pidgin after a system crash on my ubuntu. I’ve made several tickets using your help/support button but I’ve never received a reply and I don’t think I will given the nature of the account (no specific details about the user…)

    Is it possible to retrieve the password of the account? Should I persist in waiting for the support to review my ticket?

    Please help ._.

      • I’m sorry, do you mean I got an answer to my ticket, because I haven’t ._.
        The email I currently use is the one is posted this comment with :/

        • Oh… perhaps I have received an answer but, how do I know my ticket number? I don’t recall it showing anywhere :S :/ I feel so stupid

          • I just opened another ticket just to see if the ticket number shows anywhere… but it doesn’t… nothing on my email either… 🙁

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