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  1. I don’t think I can provide any details. I’m using the gajim.org server and s2s connection just fails. Client does not show any warning, just simple “no response” messages. mozilla-nss is at version 3.53, but i don’t think psi+ uses it, and that’s likely a server-side problem anyway. I’d like to get some details from gajim.org admin, but I couldn’t find their contacts.

    Just a speculation: perhaps popular xmpp servers dropped older chipher suites they consider “weak” or “outdated”?

    • I think I will try to resetup the whole XMPP Server. – The config I run on was written on prosody 0.6 and since then I just updated and adjustes the security settings.

    • I’ll try to get in touch with you. I’m also running prosody, and having another server owner in the line which can have a look at the logs on their side would help a ton fixing things.

    • Yes, but with about 20 comments/day from spambots it’s a very annoying thing to sort them out…. Sorry for this.

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