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  1. Hi!

    Sadly the CN of the certificate doesn’t fit to the XMPP server. That’s why I got an error in my logs:
    ejabberd_s2s_in:wait_for_stream:251 Closing s2s connection: ttygap.net is-a-furry.org (unsupported certificate purpose)
    Is it possible to get rid of the www. in front of the CN?

    • The certificate is issued for “www.is-a-furry.org” and “is-a-furry.org”. I am using Startcom since 5 years now (one year I used a rapidSSL certificate) and I never had any problems. “jabbim.cz, jaim.at, jabbim.com”. I have a encrypted connection with all of these Servers – which use ejabberd – and there are no encryption problems.

      It’s a Startcom SSL Problem. Certificate will be replaced.

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