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  1. Hello,

    I’m in great need of assistance via support, but I cannot get a ticket number without registering to the JHML webservices, but I can’t log in there either because I’m not getting a confirmation mail. I’ve checked the junk and pop folders as well. I also tried registering another e-mail but the activation/confirmation mail is just not coming.

    Is there any other way to access the ticket?


    • You don’t need to register to create a ticket. And you allready have an open ticket: #937890

      Sorry, to post it out on the open but:


      I’m Sorry, but i don’t have any account called “anaXXX@is-a-furry.org” – Maybe it was deleted by the automated deletion script. (If an account is inactive for more than half a year, it gets deleted automatcally).

      If it was deleted, you can reregister the name.

    • Depends on what you mean. The XMPP Server, the mailserver and so on are stillrunning.
      Just because I don’t post something every now and then does not mean the service is not running 🙂

      From my point of view, it’s still running. As long as the page is up, the server is too.

  2. Hello ! Is the XMPP server still alive ? I cannot connect to it, and my account is still active, since I logged in less than six months ago…

    • Yes, it is alive. I had just a few issues with the server itself…. and letsencrypt…


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